-Pork Butt(shoulder) without the blade in or pork loin, whatever is on sale. Pork butt can often be found for $1.79 in my area so I usually go with that. Now you will have to determine how much pork you need for how many meals you want to get out of it and how many people will be eating. Remember the meat will shrink after the fats are reduced. If you do chicken I like to use a mixture of breast and skinless thighs.
-14oz of green Verde sauce... again this will be broken down so whatever is cheapest.
-1/4 to 1/2 white onion, rough chopped.
-1 red bell pepper(optional)
-1 green bell pepper(optional)
-salt and pepper to taste.

Take your slow cooker and set it on high.
Line the bottom of the cooker with the chopped onion and sliced peppers.
Set your pork butt/loin, or chicken on top of the vegetables with the fat side facing up.
Pour your jar of verde over the meat.
Lightly salt(please use a good salt not table salt) and pepper.

Quicker method:
Put the lid on and walk away!!! Check after 4 hours... if it starts to shred without much effort it is done. If not let it go for another 2 hours then turn the temp to "keep warm."

Slower method(for people who are away from home a lot):
Or if you cant keep an eye on it.... after adding everything, use the "low" setting and let it go for 8 hours or more.

Serve over rice/tortillas/or whatever you like. Chop cilantro, onion, lime and or whatever you like when serving!

Also, if you want crispier "carnitias style" burnt ends on the pork, take the meat and do a quick dry pan fry the crispier ends.

I have fed 6 people with this recipe with enough left over for another FULL meal using a 4.5lb shoulder for around $15!!!! Minus sides


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